Company History

Bailey Printing opened for business in 1950 as Architectural blueprint providers for the local architects. Our founder, Robert Bishop Bailey (Bob), founded the company in 1960 and opened a storefront to expand his business.    

Bailey Printing Inc. originally started in the basement of Bob's house back in the 50's until he saved enough money to buy his own space. The company later moved to 914 Harris Street around 1960 in downtown Charlottesville and has been there ever since.  Picture to see the store front -Building front

Bob ran the business with a few employees through the 70's.  Bob's son, Bish Bailey, joined the company around 1980 after going to school at NC State University.  They ran the company together until the early 90's when Bob retired.  Bish grew the company from what it was to 20 full time employees, 5x the manufacturing space, and what it is today.

In the winter of 2012, Bryce Bailey joined Bish in an effort to continue running the family printing business. Today, Bish and Bryce work along side each other expanding their capabilities and learning new techniques for printing.  We are excited about the future and what new opportunities will arise.   

We invite you to consider using our printing firm the next time your company needs printing. There's a reason why we have survived the last 65 years, and we would love the opportunity to demonstrate that for you on your next printing order. You see, we do things very differently than the other printers in our community, and we believe we can provide the best all-around experience for you if you'll give us a try.